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History of establishing the company (in 1993) is tied to the privatisation process, acquiring land & production halls of nearby steelworks Třinecké železárny, a.s. The production of drawn wire, reinforcing bars, concrete blocks and ceiling systems was commenced shortly thereafter.

After a while, the company had to adapt to changing demand and situation on the market by modifying its production portfolio. The production of reinforcing bars and concrete assortment ceased, in order to fully devote the company’s resources to the production of drawn wire.


Tight cooperation with leading Czech universities ČVUT Praha and VŠB Ostrava as well as a quarter century of experience in the field has lead to significant advancements in our technological process. We’re proud to have one of the best annealing processes in Czech Republic!

Currently, TRITREG-Třinec, s.r.o. offers following assortment of cold drawn wire:

  • Cold drawn wire - hard
  • Cold drawn wire - annealed
  • Twisted square wire
  • Bremen circles
  • Steel fiber for concrete reinforcement
  • Steel rods


Our products found its way not only to the local customers and adjacent countries but also to other EU member states, Southern and Easter Europe. We are able to arrange for road, railway and marine transport.


We have a team of more than 60 employees with annual Production capacity of 30 000 tons ready to fulfill your needs.

Customer’s satisfaction is our main priority.

25 years of experience

We understand perfectly the production of wire. You can count on us.

Technical support

Don't hesitate to ask us anything. We will advise you…


The products are continually inspected by an independent testing laboratory and must meet the strictest criteria.